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I Have A Dream Pin It To Win It Contest

Posted by Wright Artistry on

Enter To Win

Duration: Sept 25th - Oct 25th, 2017

Social Platform: Pinterest

Prize: Dream Limited Edition Palette

We believe that most people are born with a dream in their heart. Whether your dream is to sky rocket to MARS, change the world, buy a home, or have a big family; no matter how big or small, a dream can only be realized with a clear vision. So to show you how exciting it is to dream in full colour, we're giving away our Dream Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette!

Entries will be chosen based on uniqueness, creativity, personality and colour scheme, so dream with us with your pins! What's your dream and how do you envision it coming to life? Feel free to pin your favorite product(s) from our site. Have Fun!

Check out our sample board below for ideas, and when you're ready, start pinning!

Last entry will be accepted on Oct 25th midnight!


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