Achieving a Balanced Skin Tone

Achieving a Balanced Skin Tone

Posted by Wright Artistry on 2016 Dec 29th

When it comes to great skin the #1 factor is balance. Skin can become unbalanced in so many ways, in most cases skin can be unbalanced in texture and in tone.

In this blog I will be addressing how skin can be unbalanced in tone (unbalanced meaning discoloration). Usually discoloration is associated with free radical damage caused by those harmful irritants floating around in the air and age, but other factors include: lack of sleep, poor diet, skin conditions such as rosacea and much more.

In order to combat discoloration I suggest using and sticking to a good skin care routine that works for your skin type. On the other hand you may want to use makeup to perfect your complexion in the best way possible. Skin care will work below the surface and takes time to see an improvement, while makeup will give you instant results by utilizing a few corrective techniques.

Below you'll find my chart detailing some of the most reoccurring skin conditions and how you can improve the look of your skin in a flash!

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