Does your mascara wand really matter?

Does your mascara wand really matter?

Posted by Wright Artistry on 2016 Dec 30th


If you're a 1st time mascara wearer you're probably wondering what makes a good mascara. In many cases choosing a mascara depends on the formulation, the type of wand and of course the effect you're wanting to achieve for your lashes.

Many experts suggest that your mascara should follow the 50:50 ratio, 50% the formulation and 50% the wand. I find this to be true, what good is a mascara with a great wand that does the job in separating your lashes but after-a-while leaves your lashes looking sparse, dry and clumpy because the formula is no good and vice versa.

In this blog I'll be introducing you to my favorite mascara that's guaranteed to offer you a smooth texture, long wear and high-impact results.

Time For Extreme Volume!

Maximizing Mascara *New*

Formula: This mascara is hot off the press in our eyes, it builds lashes double-thick in one quick clump free application. Formulated with vitamin A, C and E Maximizing Mascara will keep your lashes supple while strengthening and nourishing every lash. Our enriched formula will keep your lashes moisturized and is perfect for sensitive eyes.

Wand: A hi-tech wand built for a voluminous finish with an enriched formula to keep your lashes moisturized.