Green Eyed Lady

Green Eyed Lady

Posted by Robin Wright on 2017 Jan 10th

As a makeup artist I enjoy breaking the rules, I believe anyone can wear any eyeshadow colour just as long as it's applied correctly or in an artistic way. However, there are some colours that look better than others when applying eyeshadow.

In this blog post I'll be sharing my favorite eyeshadow picks that compliment green eyes.

The Colour Purple

If you want your green eyes to pop, then every shade of purple will do the job. Whether your colour of choice is Lavender, Violet or Eggplant, a purplish hue is guaranteed to give you flattering results every time. If you're familiar with colour theory, you'll notice Green is opposite the colour Red on the colour wheel making them complimentary to one another. Since most purples have reddish undertones, they tend to look fabulous on someone with green eyes. Just like a relationship, these opposites attract, therefore complementing each other very nicely.

I especially like the Independent Artist Palette because of the variations of plummy shades it offers, the colours aren't over the top and can be worn with neutral tones as an accent colour.

Shimmery Textures

For a subtle yet captivating finish, playing around with colours in the same colour family is an option. Don't be afraid to use colours in the same colour family. If you happen to use green eyeshadow, go with one that offers a low saturated hue such as a muted metallic sage. Playing around with textures also makes a huge impact, you may opt in for shimmer opposed to matte for more glamour.

I like to add a touch of highlight to the brow bone to accentuate the brow shape and for a little sparkle to the lid, one of my favorite shades is Star Quality from our neautrls & highlight collection.

Warm Tones

Colours that are warm in tone definitely brighten up the complexion and especially look flattering on someone with green eyes. Green eyeshadow can help enhance natural green eyes by making them look greener, purples add that extra punch and a muted shimmer can create a different look altogether.

There you have it! My eyeshadow picks for green eyes. Tag us on Instagram @shopwrightartistry if you have green eyes. See you on social!