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Learn How to Apply Bronzer like a Professional Makeup Artist in 3 Easy Steps

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Apply Bronzer Like a Pro!

1) Choose a bronzer that is 2 shades deeper than your natural skin tone.

2) Apply your bronzer with a full sized brush, preferably a buffer or powder brush.

3) Apply your bronzer in the areas where the sun would naturally hit the face for the most natural finish. Try to avoid applying your bronzer to the entire face.

Choosing your bronzer:

Our bronzing powders are triple milled and give a sheer fine sun-filled glow. Available in 5 shades.

  • Sun-kissed: works with most cool neutral tones, has a slight touch of pink. Never goes on 'Orangey'.
  • Exotic Blend: works with most olive yellow based tones.
  • Golden Goddess: matte toned for any skin tone that doesn't want shimmer.
  • Terracotta: a rich terracotta tone with flecks of gold.
  • Brazilian Light: a light pearl tan for fair olive tone.


Using the "Number 3 Technique" - start on your forehead, sweep down and around to your cheek, sweep down and around your chin creating a "3" shape. Repeat technique on the other side, complete with a soft sweep down the nose.

Finish off your "Golden Glow" by applying your bronzer down the centre of your neck and to your collarbones for a beautiful finish. You're done!

Recommended Brush:

Large Powder Brush

Check out our selection of bronzers HERE

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