What's Your Statement Liner?

What's Your Statement Liner?

Posted by Robin Wright on 2017 Jan 9th

Eyeliner is a great way to make a statement, it can make your eyes appear bigger and more defined a look that women love. Applying eyeliner can be challenging especially liquid eyeliner but it doesn't have to be complicated with these simple techniques.

There are two styles of liquid liner that are the most popular, winged and the infamous cat eye, both can be applied with a liquid eyeliner.

Winged Eyeliner

When applying a winged liner I like to follow the shape of my lower lid instead of my top lid. This way the wing is turned upwards instead of downwards. Draw your eyeliner starting at the outer corner of your eye and wing upwards.

Cat Eyeliner

If you're going to create a cat liner it is easily doable by starting with a winged liner and transitioning into a cat liner. The way you do this is by adding thick liner along the upper lash line and connecting the two lines at the outer edge.

You'll notice that starting from the inner corner your liner will be thin, gradually becoming thicker towards the outer corner - this allows your eye to appear bigger and more defined.

When lining the inner corner of your eye avoid drawing a straight line, instead draw small strokes against the lashes. This will keep your liner clean while giving the illusion of fuller lashes at the same time.

For Precise application I recommend our liquid eyeliner - an ink like formula that offers intense colour while the easy to use marker tip applicator is perfect for unsteady hands.

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