A Daring Eyeshadow Application Using Colour

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Achieving the perfect eyeshadow application using colour isn't an easy task. If you're a beginner at wearing makeup the safest bet would be to stick with neutrals such as chocolates, greys, soft beiges, taupes and champaigns as your go-to colours for starters. In all actuality you don't have to be a pro to experiment with various looks using colour when it comes to your eyeshadow application. With the right tools and a little practice, you'll be on your way to discovering new ways of applying your makeup while setting the trends as it relates to your artistic abilities as a makeup enthusiast.

Choosing your Palette

When it comes to makeup I don't like to abide by the rules. Although certain colours are recommended for certain skin complexions and eye colours, there is still room to play around with varying shades that go against the normal protocol.

If you're a beginner makeup wearer it can be a little intimidating choosing the right eyeshadow palette for your complexion, eye colour and style because there are so many options to choose from. When it comes to eyeshadow, they can take on many forms such as: powders, mattes, creams, shimmers and loose pigments, in this case I like to recommend highly pigmented eyeshadows in a loose or pressed form for long lasting wear and vivid colour intensity.

You may be thinking that using colour eyeshadow will make you look overdone, that's not necessarily the case, just as long as you blend your colours well, you can still achieve an attractive look that's suitable for daily wear. If you don't want to look overdone with your eyeshadow I suggest sticking with neutral hues such as browns and greys so that you feel more comfortable. Otherwise, choose any shade that will appeal to you, your style and your creativity.

Choosing the Right Tools

When applying your eyeshadow you'll want to select the right brushes so that your application is even and well blended. There are different brushes for various types of makeup products. When applying your eyeshadow I recommend sticking with these 4 core brushes for the best possible application.

1) Fluffy eyeshadow brush - used for lightly distributing eyeshadow over the entire eyelid and browbone.

2) Flat eyeshadow brush - used for picking up lots of pigment to distribute over the entire eyelid.

3) Rounded dome brush - used for distributing colour within the crease and blending it out evenly.

4) Smudger brush - used to apply and blend eyeshadow on both the upper and lower lash line.

For starters, I suggest that you invest in a brush set so that you'll be prepared with the right tools when applying your makeup. I personally like this 11 pc brush set by Fancii, it's a high quality brush set with cruelty free synthetic bristles for foundation, powder, blush and eyeshadow, packaged in a rose gold travel leather clutch. Check it out on Amazon.

Choosing your Colours

When choosing your colours I suggest that you choose a minimum of 3 colours in the same colour family. A rule of thumb would be to stick with a light, medium and dark eyeshadow to create your look. The application of your eyeshadow depends on your particular style, for me I prefer a soft smoky application for a beautifully blended finish.


1) Prep your entire eyelid with concealer for an even blank canvas.

2) Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply colour 1 (the lightest shade) all over your entire eyelid working your brush upwards towards the browbone.

3) With a flat eyeshadow brush, apply colour 2 (a medium shimmer hue) onto the eyelid, concentrating the colour in the centre.

4) Using a dome eyeshadow brush, apply colour 3 (the darkest shade) to the outer corner of your eyelid.

5) With a fluffier dome eyeshadow brush, blend colour 2 and 3 in a soft brush stroke motion. Gradually blend the darkest shade (colour 3) to softly fade up into the middle hue.

Don't be afraid to play with colour and to try new ideas. Makeup artistry is fun, creative and designed for rule breakers, an artform with no limits.

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@jazleenbeauty from Fresno, California

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