Apply a Pop of Colour for Added Personality

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Applying lip colour is a great way to add personality to an already polished makeup look. Choosing the right colour is essential for a beautiful finish that will complement your complexion. If you're not sure how intense you want your lip colour, build it up layer by layer until you find your desired shade, then set it in place to achieve a flawless, long-lasting finish.

As mentioned before, you want to choose a lip colour that will complement your skin-tone. With such a wide range of color options, it can be difficult to choose the perfect shade, so to help you narrow down your selection, look into the colors that are most likely to flatter your complexion.

In our previous article Choosing the Right Nude Lipstick for your Undertone we explained a few different options on how you can go about choosing the appropriate nude lipstick for your skin tone, same goes for choosing the right colour. You want to determine the undertone of your skin so that you pick a colour that's flattering but also one that looks great against your complexion.

For skin with cool undertones choose lip colours with a bluish, purply undertone, if your skin tone is warmer opt in for colours with a red-orange undertone. Neutral skin can pull off any colour, colours such as mauve and various shades of red, look good on a wide range of complexions.

Choosing your colour

Before choosing your colour, consider what style you're looking to achieve and base your selections off of that. For example: If you desire a natural look you may decide to choose flesh tones such as soft pinks, nudes, tans, and browns. However, if your goal is to be edgy, your choices might incorporate dark wine, purple, brown, and black.

If you're feeling empowered, opt in for a red lip to project power and confidence, choose a red with bluish undertones to help your teeth appear whiter.

Choosing your desired finish

Now that you've chosen your colour, determine your desired texture or finish, are you into mattes, creams, shimmers or stains? Once you figured that out then you can start experimenting with various formulations that spark your interest. For example if you're looking for slight sheen that feels comfortable on your lips you might decide to go with a cream lipstick. On the other hand, if you prefer less shine with a smooth texture, you might opt in for a non-drying matte. There are many options for you to choose from, it's up to you to find the best product for your style and personality. Below are some of our recommendations to help get you started.

Luxe Creamy Lipstick

An iconic creamy formula which is non-drying and long lasting, packed with antioxidant Vitamin E with natural vanillin extract for a touch of sweetness. Available in a variety of textures: C - Cream (smooth and creamy) P - Pearlized or Frosted HG - Hi-Gloss (super shiny and glossy, ultra lightweight) M - Super soft matte

Colours from left to right or top to bottom:

  1. If you're feeling empowered wear Ruby Ruby (M) - MATTE, FULL COVERAGE, LONGWEAR, NO SHINE THE PERFECT INTENSE RUBY RED


  3. Feeling relaxed with a laid back attitude? Wear Shrimp (C) - CREAM (SMOOTH AND CREAMY) NUDE CORAL/PINK

  4. *Tip, apply our Vitamin E balm Lipstick before your desired shade for a smooth blank canvas, it's the bomb!- A BUTTERY AND SOOTHING VITAMIN E LIPSTICK THAT COMFORTS INSTANTLY. APPLY AS A TREATMENT DAY AND NIGHT.

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