Behind the Scenes at LIDIJA's Lookbook Photoshoot

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A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to showcase a clothing line from a particular designer or brand. This gives viewers ideas on how to style outfits, or to show what the latest fashions are.

I had the pleasure of being apart of Lidija's team for her fall/winter lookbook shoot where I was responsible for the makeup application on the model. Each collection combined beautiful prints, colours and textures to reflect the ambiance of the fall/winter season, but there's more depth to the collection than what meets the eye, learn more about what inspired it and how the designs came about.


When it comes to creating new collections, Lidija is inspired by music. Her last few collections were sparked by songs, when she hears a song, she envisions the entire collection playing out in her mind at a fashion show. After that, she looks at the fabrics and all it takes is one idea for a skirt, waistband, sleeve, anything, to take that one idea into the entire collection.

Here's what was going through Lidija's mind when designing her Fall/Winter collection for 2020 in her own words:

"Designing the 2020 collection came from listening to the song Unstoppable - I believe that's the song's name. I wanted the collection to reflect the current work-from-home and stay-at-home lifestyle for every woman. The pieces had to be comfortable and still emanates influence at the same time. We have printed suits, that you can also wear as separates, with flat shoes. They make a strong point as one but also when worn separately. The dresses are comfortable and formidable at the same time. For example, our Maria shawl is perfect for the season; it will wrap away all your worries :)

Looking at the situation, I created a versatile collection where you have pieces for every day, going out and working from home." -LIDIJA

The Art Of Mix-and-Match

This fall, women are wearing sleek pieces that mix well together yet look presentable in front of guests or at a virtual meeting. And that's how the Weekend Collection functions. With the three-piece suit from LIDIJA, you can mix the items with anything in your wardrobe. The reversible jacket, which comes in 3 warm prints, goes well with jeans bottoms, a simple Tee-shirt, and loafers or heals. The Maya wide-leg pants, made from soft fabric, offer ease of movement and elegance. You will love pairing them with the reversible jacket and layer with a silky blouse, never compromising comfort and style. Our clients buy the pants to wear at work, vacation, and even while lounging at home. -Lidija

Make-up for the shoot

When applying makeup on our model for Lidija's lookbook shoot, I went with neutral colours to define her features. I applied slightly more dramatic tones so that she wouldn't look washed out in the photos. It was important for me to apply the make-up in a way that enhanced her complexion without making her look overdone, it was essential for our model to look natural and like herself to compliment the clothes since the fashion was the main focal point.

I decided to use warm browns on her eyes and lips to reflect the various gold tones seen in autumn. I emphasized her eyes with liner and mascara to help them appear larger for the camera. For finishing touches I used a powder bronzer and a flesh-toned blush that would achieve a natural sun-kissed glow. Overall I kept her look simple, professional and attractive, something that any woman can wear for everyday whether at work or at home.

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