How to Brighten your Complexion Using Highlighter

If you're new to applying makeup, learning to apply highlighter is easy. Applying highlighter to your face can give you a beautiful colour boost while enhancing your glow, you can do this in a few simple steps, using the techniques listed below. It only takes a few seconds because you're applying the highlighter in small areas of your face.

Enhancing your Cheeks, Nose and Forehead Using a Liquid Highlighter

Step 1

First you want to achieve a blank, even canvas using foundation, this will help hide minor imperfections while brightening your skin tone. For a medium to full coverage you may consider using Hi Def Foundation before you apply your highlighter, and if you find that you need more coverage you may apply concealer if desired.

*Pro Tips

  • Choose a foundation that matches your complexion

  • Use a foundation sponge to blend your makeup evenly (learn more here)

  • Apply concealer to cover minor imperfections or add extra coverage where needed

Step 2

Using Sheer Glo Liquid Illumination Lotion, dab 1-2 drops on the back of your hand, with your fingertips, dot the highlighter from your temples to the top of your cheekbones in a C-shaped curve and blend out for a subtle highlight effect. For more intensity, apply another layer for a strobing effect.

Step 3

Get a little more highlighter on your fingertips and dab it onto your nose. Stroke your finger up and down your nose to blend the highlighter. You don't need to use a lot of product, a little goes a long way.

Step 4

To accentuate the center of your forehead, you can dab some highlighter down the center of your forehead towards the bridge of your nose. Start at your hairline on your forehead and blend downwards using your fingertips.

Recommended Products:

Sheer Glo

A beautiful illuminating lotion that can be used on face or decolletage. Gives an amazing instant glow to all skin tones. This liquid lotion can be worn alone for a subtle highlight or mixed with foundation for a gorgeous glowing effect. It's especially amazing for mature/dry skin to enhance skin's youthfulness.


Enhancing your Eyes, Lips and Chin Using Powder Highlighter

Step 1

Using Quattro Highlighter Blush Eyeshadow apply the lightest shade to the inner corners of your eyes using a small eyeshadow brush. Pick up a little highlighter with the tip of the brush and press the eyeshadow into the corners of your inner eyelids.

*Pro Tip

To achieve a more dramatic highlight, apply shadow in layers for vivid intensity, you can also dampen your eyeshadow brush for the same effect. If you prefer a subtle look, just dust a little shadow with a dry brush.

Step 2

To highlight your eyes, dust a little eyeshadow onto your brow bones (this is the area right below your eyebrows). This is a great place to add your highlight because it naturally reflects light. You do not need to apply the highlighter all over your brow bones, just the outer edges. For an extra brightening effect you can extend the shadow towards the crease of your eyelids with the highlighter.

Step 3

If you have small lips, this is a great place to highlight, you can do this by highlighting your cupid's bow (the area in the center of your upper lip). When you highlight this area it will draw attention to your lips, you can do this by applying the highlighter on your fingertips and pressing it onto this area. Avoid applying the highlight all over your lips, it'll just defeat the purpose of trying to achieve a fuller lip.

Step 4

Highlighting the center of your chin is another way to draw attention to your lips, try sweeping the highlighter onto the center of your chin with a fluffy dome eyeshadow brush. Align your application with the highlight on your forehead, use a light dusting motion for a subtle and attractive highlight.

Recommended Products:

Quattro Highlighter Blush Eyeshadow

A beautiful blend of 4 stunning shades that create an unbelievable glow. Use a medium sized angled blush brush over all the hues then sweep up along cheekbones and onto temples. Can be used individually as eyeshadow.


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