Hydrop Sonic Facial Brush (Product Review)

Now that winter is quickly approaching, I like to adjust my skincare regimen accordingly, especially during the colder months when my skin requires more attention and moisture more than ever. That means, opting in for gentler cleansers, repair serums and protective moisturizers to clean, repair, protect and moisturize.

Although my skin tends to be more on the oiler side (oily combination to be exact), it's very important that I maintain a healthy balance so that my skin isn't overly oily or extremely dry either. Having a good skin care regimen that I follow day and night in combination with using the appropriate skin care products is crucial to maintaining healthy skin all year round. Which brings me to my new found product, The Hydrop Sonic Facial Brush by Skinglo.

Hydrop Sonic Facial Brush

Having beautiful glowing skin is important to me, and being able to keep it that way is a blessing. The HYDROP is an electric cleansing device that has been designed to offer a deep clean/scrub that will fit any gender, age or skin type. This high-tech beauty tool is designed for facial cleaning, its high frequency vibration technology incorporates a special soft silicone brush head that effectively separates oil and residual cosmetics, deep cleaning the skin while de-clogging the pores resulting in a fresh, youthful appearance.

Hydrop Sonic Facial Brush

Benefits and Features

  • Helps to relax facial muscles

  • Removes buildup of dead skin cells

  • Promotes facial cell regeneration

  • May help with wrinkles and loss of firmness

  • Gives the appearance of healthier skin over time

How To Use It:

  1. Remove makeup, wet face, apply cleanser to brush, enter clean mode

  2. Start with your chin, gently working your way up to the ears cleaning your face

  3. Move around gently in the middle of your forehead to clean the entire area

  4. Slide up and down the nose to remove flaky skin

  5. Lower the strength of the device when cleaning around the eyes

Watch the mini demo on my hand

In Conclusion

I really enjoyed using the product, my face felt extremely clean after using it. I also noticed that my skin felt more hydrated throughout the day after applying my moisturizer in the morning.

Shipping was quick and the ordering process on the website was user friendly.

Definitely worth the money if you're a person who likes to take care of your skin.

Check out their website for more info: Theskinglo

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