Taking Care Of Your Naturally Curly Hair

Reviving your natural beautiful curls with the right black hair products.

Promoting healthy hair with natural hair care products.

When you have naturally curly hair it is prone to heat damage and dryness especially when it relates to black hair. It's very important to use the right hair products designed and formulated for black hair to reduce fizziness, repair damage and maintain moisture. Your hair care system will depend on whether your hair is naturally curly or chemically relaxed, if your hair is chemically straightened or relaxed the more care your hair will need.

I had the pleasure of visiting Kinks Hair Studio and Spa in Mississauga, ON for a personalized treatment and cut. At the time my hair was in desperate need of care due to the COVID lockdown and I really needed help. Thankfully the staff at Kinks helped revive my naturally curly hair, giving it bounce, texture and shine. I am truly thankful and extremely excited to share with you the amazing products that helped play a role in bringing my hair back to it's natural roots.

But on a woman it is a thing of beauty. Her long hair has been given her to serve as a covering. -1 Corinthians11:15
Kinksology Hair Care System

If you have naturally kinky hair the best way to take care of your natural curls is to wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. For superior results use a detangling conditioner to help with the detangling of your hair. Once your hair is clean and conditioned, comb it with a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends not the roots.

*Pro Tip

Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb while the conditioner is still in it. Always start from the ends and work your way up to the roots.

7 Tips to Help You Care for Your Naturally Curly Hair

No. 1

Wash your hair using lukewarm water to avoid dryness and frizz. Depending on how often your hair gets greasy will determine how often you wash it, usually this could be between 3-10 days depending on your lifestyle.

No. 2

Maintain moisture in your hair by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, swap your regular conditioner for a deep leave-in conditioner once a week to achieve soft, lustrous and bouncy curls.

No. 3

Allow your hair to dry after applying your hair products and detangling it. Best practices would be to avoid touching your hair frequently when your hair is wet to avoid breaking up the natural curl pattern.

No. 4

Opt in for oil-free products on your hair when it is still wet, using oil-based products while it's still wet can have your hair looking overly greasy.

No. 5

To keep your natural curls from frizzing out, allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser. Using a diffuser on your hair dryer will help to distribute the heat evenly giving you nicer looking curls. Drying your hair with a towel or patting it dry may only lead to excess frizz.

No. 6

Get a layered cut to enhance your curls, this will help add more fullness and body.

No. 7

Choose high-quality products recommended by a salon for the best possible treatment.

You get what you pay for, so choose right! Using hair products that don't contain harsh ingredients is always the best choice.
Kinksology Hair Care System

About Kinksology

Focused on practicality and quality every step of the way, Kinksology delivers an eco-luxury experience fit for your diverse lifestyle. Made in Canada

Quality Made in Canada Products you can Trust for Black Hair

Kinksology Hair Care System


Conditioning Milk

SATEEN-Conditioning Milk


  • Provides optimum moisture

  • Softens & detangles all hair textures

  • Restores & repairs hair cuticals

  • Helps strengthen hair

  • Locks in colour & prevents fading

How To Use:

Apply generously after shampooing and comb through for even distribution. Leave in for 3 minutes. Rinse. Style as desired.




  • Cleanses hair & scalp, keeping natural oils

  • Deeply moisturizes to control curl pattern

  • Low lather formula

  • Removes impurities

  • Locks in colour & prevents fading

  • Stimulates scalp for healthy hair growth

  • Highly concentrated

  • Balances PH

  • Softens all hair types

How To Use:

Place a small amount in palm of hand. Work into damp hair. Leave in for 2-3 minutes. Rinse.


Deep Leave in Treatment

HYDRA-Deep Leave-in Treatment


  • Intense moisture

  • Softens & detangles

  • Helps repair heat damaged hair & nourishes scalp

  • Helps reduce & prevent future breakage

  • Restores natural shine

How To Use:

Spray into wet or damp hair and distribute evenly. Apply before using hot tools to prevent damage. Work through hair and style as desired.




  • Lightweight & brilliant shine

  • Protects hair from damage & elements

  • Helps repair & seal hair cuticle

  • Increases moisture retention

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Highly concentrated

  • Fast absorption

How To Use:

Place a small amount in palm of hand. Work through wet or dry hair. Spot apply for troubled areas.

Kinksology Hair Care System

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