Tips to avoid a streaky makeup application for the ultimate flawless finish

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As a makeup artist, I've always used a foundation brush for many of my makeup applications, but after using the beautyblener I just can't go back to applying my makeup the same way again.

The Beauty Blender sponge was invented by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva to ensure an even, natural coverage when applying makeup. This awesome pink sponge can be used to apply foundation, cream blush, tinted moisturizer, and other makeup for a seamless effect and flawless finish. The beautyblender can also be used for applying your skin care products such as moisturizers, sunscreens, BB creams and self tanners. Once you use the beautyblender the right way with the recommended techniques I'm convinced you'll love the way your makeup turns out.

How to use your Beautyblender

1) Prep your beautyblender with moisture

Before using your beautyblender moisten it with some water first. Be sure to saturate your sponge so that it expands and won't soak up the product you're applying. When you moisten your beautyblender with cool water your application will feel refreshing making it a delightful experience when applying your makeup in the morning.

2) Squeeze out any excess water

After saturating your beautyblender make sure you squeeze out any excess water so that it isn't dripping wet. Do this gently to avoid damaging your beautyblender, it also helps to wrap it in a clean towel to help absorb excess water.

3) Rehydrate your beautyblender

Now that you moistened your beautyblender you're on your way to applying your makeup seamlessly without unnecessary streaking. If you find that your beautyblender starts to get dry during your application, moisten it again by spraying some water onto the sponge with a spray bottle. This will ensure that you maintain a flawless coverage from the start of your makeup application to the end. Keep in mind that you don't always have to use water, you can also use a setting spray or facial mist to dampen your sponge as well.

How to Apply Makeup with a Beautyblender

When using makeup such as foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, setting powder, or any face makeup, gently dab your beautyblender into the makeup and stipple the sponge all over your face for an even application. If you're using liquid makeup such as foundations, BB creams and highlighters, dab some product on the back of your hand first then dab your beautyblender into the product.

Sometimes when applying powder makeup you may notice that the product may look a little cakey in certain places, especially in prominent areas such as underneath the eyes, corner of the nose or mouth. In this case it helps to use your beautyblender as a smoothing tool giving you an expert finish and application, just dab the beautyblender (once again after powder has been applied) over your entire face for a smooth finish.

You'll notice that your beautyblender is shaped like a triangle with a wide bottom and pointed tip, this is to help with an even application all over the face, especially in smaller areas such as under the eyes, around the nose, along the lips, or in another small areas. If you're using your beauty blender to apply concealer, press the pointed edge of the beautyblender against the skin in a slightly harder fashion to make sure you achieve your desired coverage, then dab the rounder edge in the same area for an even blend.

Taking care of your Beautyblender

Be sure to wash your beautyblender after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria in your sponge.

  • To wash it, moisten the sponge with warm water and work some of the soap or cleanser into it. Create a lather, and keep washing until the water from the sponge runs clear.

  • If there's a stain on your sponge that doesn't come clean from washing, soak it in a mixture of liquid soap and warm water overnight. If the makeup still doesn't come out of the sponge, try treating it with a thin oil, such as baby oil, before washing it. The oil can help break down the makeup that's trapped inside.

  • Let your beautyblender sit out to air dry after you wash it.

Pro Tips

  • To avoid the growth of mold, avoid storing your beautyblender in an airtight bag. Instead, store your beautyblender in a mesh bag so that it can be exposed to air.

  • It's recommended to have at least 2 beautyblenders for various products such as one for face products, such as foundation and concealer, and another for color cosmetics, such as cream blush and bronzer.

  • Avoid putting too much product on your beautyblender so that you don't waste your product(s).

  • If you use your beautyblender frequently, try to replace your beautyblener every 3 months to avoid a beautyblender with ware and tear, stains and mold.

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